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'Saw this on Facebook. (On APH Germania's page, to be precise.)

And … I can’t agree more. I mean : How dafuq can people see a slight difference as a total anomaly, as a total ”weakness”, only basing on judgements and stereotypes ? You can be manly without having all the specifications that society requires from men … And so with women too.

And what is wrong in acting as the opposite sex? Doesn’t really mean you’re a total weirdo, you’re just being as you want to be, there’s no shame in that. Oh and btw, what’s the point of insulting people with the word ”gay”? You know guys, a lot of you can’t even reach the level of manliness of loads of gays, so you better have to stop all that shit. Being gay doesn’t involve lookin and acting as a girl… And you know not all girls are the same, so this ”insult” is just pointless.  

People must get that, and completly paste it in their minds : Understanding each other, to accept people as they are and stop sticking labels on everyoneis would surely lead -progressively- to tolerance. 

(Not my art tho. Credits to the Anon’ owner /o/ )

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